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    Make it Personal! Personalized Gifting for Holidays 2015 Don’t miss out on these highly personalized, unique, hand crafted gifts! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE COMPLETE PERSONALIZED GIFT GIVING BROCHURE Stop in our shops or call to place your order today!  310.318.3385 Gift giving has been around since Eve gave Adam the apple. A gift is…

  • Best Gifts for Travelers

    We have the perfect gifts for the travelers…whether their journeys are for work or pleasure,these are gifts to live by!



  • You’ve Been Framed!

    Pick out the perfect frame for your favorite photos!  Whether you want something for a table or dresser, or to hang on the wall, we have a wonderful assortment of frames to choose from.


Tabula Rasa Essentials is a gift boutique dedicated to lifestyle trends from around the world. Owner Maureen McBride has created a beach boutique for beach enthusiasts wanting a piece of California cool and fashion enthusiasts seeking the latest trends. She stocks her shelves with innovative home accents, luscious body elixirs, intoxicating room fragrances, clever books, and the newest novelties. The boutique’s service include complimentary gift wrap, corporate gifting, custom designs, and curbside pick-up. Before opening Tabula Rasa Essentials in 2000, Maureen was an executive in the fashion industry. As part of her career, she traveled the world developing global taste that guides her choices for her boutique’s hand-selected merchandise.


Independently owned boutiques, like Tabula Rasa Essentials, are the heart and soul of Manhattan Beach. We bring charm, diversity, and vibrance to our city. Malls are just a mile away yet big box retailers cannot match our personalized service, distinctive products, and flexibility. Most importantly, 60% of every dollar spent goes directly back to the community.

The meaning behind our name loosely mirrors John Locke’s definition of a “blank slate” and how one’s sensory experiences are formed. We strive to create an environment that is both intriguing and appealing to our senses of smell, sight, and touch. Every product is selected with an understanding between indulgence and necessity.