Blingsting pepper spray is not only the cutest pepper spray ever, but it’s the same exact formulation used in other pepper sprays you’ll find on the market. We use a 10% OC formula (that’s oleoresin capsicum … yeah, we can use big words too) that is the strongest formulation allowed in all 50 states.

Bottom line: it’s HOT AF and when used in a defensive manner, will cause major respiratory effects like choking, watery eyes, and temporary blindness for an hour or so. Yikes. Pepper spray is not a toy, and it’s not funny to use it in any way other than in a true emergency. It’s also illegal to misuse pepper spray. Jail is not a good look. Orange is not your color. Be responsible and be vigilant.


So maybe you aren’t quite ready for pepper spray. Maybe you are under the age of 18, or have young kids, or live in a state that we can’t ship pepper spray to.  That’s totally fine, we get it, but you do need our AHH!-LARM.

These sparkly hearts look ah-dorable, but push the red button and WATCH OUT! The 120-decibel siren sounds immediately, deterring potential attackers and alerting anyone in the surrounding area that you are in need of assistance. There is also a cute little LED light that serves as a bonus for when you need it.

PS – we think it looks extra cute on a young girl’s backpack, and would so give our school-age daughter one if we had a school-age daughter.  Plus, glitter is life.